Sunrise Decorating Company
Exhibitor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What services are offered by Sunrise to Exhibitors?
Sunrise offers a full line of services to Exhibitors.  Each

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exhibitor has access to a "service kit" mailed either by Sunrise or Show Management, or available via the Sunrise website.  If you have not yet received your service kit, or need the web address, please contact Sunrise at (818) 352-8282.  In the kit you will find forms to order standard furnishings (tables, chairs, wastebaskets, carpeting), as well as installation/dismantle labor, material handling services (also known as freight or drayage), Rental Exhibits, Custom Carpeting, Graphics (signs and banners), Cleaning, Electrical and many other services.

I signed up for the show late.  Will I be able to order items and services I need at the show?
Yes!  Simply come to the Sunrise Services Desk at the show and see our Customer Services Representative (CSR).  The CSR can assist you with all of your needs.  Orders placed at the show are normally at a higher price than orders made in advance, so save money by ordering early whenever possible.  Remember, it is always a good idea to confirm your advance order with a telephone call to our office to make sure it was received.

I am afraid that if I mail my order, it will not arrive before the deadline for advance prices. What should I do?
If you wish to pay by Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) you can fax your order to us with the credit card authorization form in the service kit.  Our fax number is (818) 450-0326.  If you do fax your order, please follow up with a phone call to be sure we received it.  Call (818) 352-8282 and ask to speak to a Customer Services Representative. If you are paying by check, we accept overnight mail at 10110 Hanson Way, Los Angeles, CA 91040.

I attended a show recently where my truck driver had to wait for an extended period of time to deliver our materials.  Is there anything we can do to avoid this?
Dock space is limited, so it is common to have to wait for unloading space. For an extra charge, you can either ship or deliver your materials to our advance warehouse.  We will store your shipment for up to 30 days before the event and deliver them to your booth!  Look for the "Advance Shipment" information on the Drayage Order Form in your exhibitor service kit, or call us at (818) 352-8282 for more information.

We are based in New York, and will be attending a show in Los Angeles next month where Sunrise is the contractor. We are looking at the cost of shipping our hardwall display across the country.  Add to that, the cost of drayage, and union labor to set it up.  Is there any way we can get a break on some of these costs?
You may want to consider one of our S.E.T. rental exhibits.  They are available in many sizes, colors and configurations. When you rent an exhibit from Sunrise, the price includes installation and dismantle labor, and there are NO drayage charges for the exhibit!  Sunrise was told by an Exhibitor at the recent L.A. Religious Education Congress that after paying to rent his S.E.T. unit from Sunrise, he still saved $6,000.00 over what it cost him last year to ship in his exhibit plus drayage and labor.  For more information about S.E.T., see your exhibitor service kit, or call our Custom Services Department at (818) 352-8282.

What is the relationship between Sunrise Convention Services and the Union?
Sunrise is required to use union labor at major convention centers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay area and Las Vegas.

I want to set up my own display.  Will I be stopped by the Union?
Rules can be different from city to city.  See the Union Rules form in your service kit for the rules at the show you will be exhibiting in.  In Southern California, Decorators Local 831 will allow you to setup your own display if it can be done by one person in 1/2 hour without the use of tools.  This is possible with many portable "pop-up" displays.  If your display takes longer, or requires more people (or tools), you will be required to hire union labor at a ratio of one union person for each person from your company that works setting up the booth.  There is a one hour minimum charge.

I am bringing my own materials to the show in my personal vehicle.  What are the union rules regarding bringing in my own freight?
Freight or Material Handling (also called Drayage) comes under the jurisdiction of the Teamsters in most cities.  In Southern California, you can bringing in anything you can hand carry in one trip.  If it requires more than one trip, or the use of a dolly, pallet jack, forklift or other material handling device then it falls under union jurisdiction and you must order drayage service. Prices vary depending on working conditions at various facilities, but typically are charged by cwt (per hundred pounds), on a two hundred pound minimum.

Can I still get the discounted price?
Payments must be received fourteen (14) days prior to show installation to qualify for advance order discounts.

Can you take a check?
Checks will be accepted fourteen (14) days prior to show time. 

Will you accept checks at show site?
Credit cards and/or cash are the only  method of payment accepted at show site.

Can you take orders over the phone?
No.  All orders must be in writing, mailed or faxed.

I want to change my order. Can you change it over the phone?
No.  All changes made to an order must be in writing, faxed or mailed with "REVISED" posted at the top of the form(s).

Can I exchange parts of my furniture package for others?
No.  However, you can order additional items on the Furniture Rental Order form found in your service kit.

How wide are tables and counters?
Standard tables are 24" wide.

How high are the tables and counters?
Tables are 30" high, Counters are 42" high.

Can I order just a plain table/counter undraped?
Yes.  Undraped tables/counters are 25% off the regular price.

Can I bring my own table and order draping?
Yes, however, if you rent a table skirt from Sunrise to use on your own table, you should be aware that we use staples to attach the skirt.

Are standard carpet colors listed the only colors and sizes I can order?
Yes. However, we do offer cut and lay carpet, as well as custom carpet at an additional charge.  Minimum order for custom carpet is 400 square feet.

How long do I have to send Advance Drayage?
Sunrise will accept advance drayage at the posted price up to 3 working days before show installation.  We will accept advance drayage up to the date of show installation, but you will be charged late fees.

When can my direct drayage arrive at the show location?
Shipments must arrive ONLY during installation hours.  Shipments arriving at other times are usually refused by the facility.  Please check with either Sunrise or Show Management to verify move-in dates and times.

When should I pick up my drayage from the show location?
You or your carrier must arrive during exhibitor move-out times only.  If your materials are not picked up by the published deadline they may sent back to you by the official show carrier at your expense.

Is it customary to tip Sunrise employees?
No.  All Sunrise employees receive an excellent wage and benefit package denoting professional status. Please, DO NOT TIP!   If a worker solicits a tip, please refuse and report the incident to your Sunrise Account Executive who will be available at the service desk.


Do you have questions that were not addressed?  If so, please send an email to: and we will answer it, and consider your question for inclusion in this FAQ.